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School Level :  Kindergarten & Pre-nursery 幼稚園及學前教育, Primary / Elementary / Preparatory School 小學, Special School 特殊學校
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Hot Product 1:

U Doodle Learning Kit (BlackBoard) 彩繪百寶箱 (黑板貼)

"The set is a collection of U BlackBoard, U Crayon, and accessories. It is also easy to create a doodle wall for children at home, so that they can make full use of their imagination.

Product Features:
- Suitable for doodling, taking notes, writing, teaching, and decoration.
- U BlackBoard is made with a patented silicone material that can be easily attached to any smooth surface, save places.
- Can be cut to desired shapes and customized.
- Easy to apply and remove without leaving marks behind.
- U Crayon can be used on the U BlackBoard.
- U Crayon is water-soluble and can be easily erased with a damp cloth.
- U Crayon Brush is made of many strong and soft fibers, which easily absorb water, easily cleaning all marks without damaging the board surface.
- U Hook can be attached to the Blackboard to hang U Brush for easy access.
- U Holder Cup can be placed on the Blackboard to hold crayons and other accessories, easy to store.

Compatible Surfaces:
Smooth surfaces, such as glass, mirror, tile, refrigerator, metal, stainless steel, lacquer, baking enamel coatings, spray paint, or over other black or whiteboards.

Incompatible Surfaces:
Rough or uneven surfaces, such as whitewashed walls, emulsion paint, concrete walls, plastered walls, or walls covered with wallpaper or fabric.

Water-soluble crayons or chalk can be used on the U BlackBoard. U Crayon is recommended for best result, its brushstroke is smooth and easy for coloring and writing.

Wipe away the marks with a damp U Crayon Brush or cloth for best result, leaving your board clean and new.
When the silicone backing loses its adhesive power, wash the dust off with water, and the adhesive should be renewed.

Instruction for use:
1. Clean the surface where you plan to apply U BlackBoard.
2. Remove the protective film from the back of the board.
3. Stick the board to the cleaned surface.
4. While applying the board, push any air bubbles out the sides to prolong the adhesive on the back of the board."


- 黑板貼可貼於任何光滑表面; 易貼易除不留痕跡;可任意剪裁;可水洗重用,省卻傳統掛牆式黑白板的不便。
- 水溶性柔麗蠟筆可在黑/白板貼上書寫。
- 微濕的毛毛擦可抹去柔麗蠟筆的筆跡,使板面光潔如新。
- 無痕掛勾可貼在黑/白板上把毛毛擦掛上。
- 多用途杯可收納所需的物件,塗鴉時物品可隨手可得。

光滑表面,如玻璃、鏡面、磁磚、冰箱、金屬、不銹鋼、力架油漆、焗漆、噴漆等;或覆蓋在其他舊黑 / 白板上。亦可張貼於書桌或餐桌等平面上。


可使用水溶性蠟筆或粉筆書寫。使用 「ufixx 柔麗蠟筆」可達最佳書寫效果,其色彩絢麗和書寫暢順。

使用微濕的「ufixx 毛毛擦」或濕布清潔可達至最佳清潔效果、不留痕跡。
當 silicone 背貼的吸附力減低時可用清水洗走塵埃,自然風亁後可重新貼上。

1. 清潔擬貼在黑板的平面。
2. 撕開插黑板背貼上的保護膜,注意每次不要撕太多,就不會有氣泡產生。
3. 張貼黑板於已清潔平面。
4. 一邊貼一邊掃除氣泡。"

Hot Product 2:

ufixx Lamination Set 無痕貼過膠機套裝

"U Lamination Set allows you to easily preserve precious photos, documents, and paintings at home. Teachers and parents can also create personalized, durable learning materials according to the child’s needs.

Products Features - U Film:
- Made with a patented silicone material that can be easily attached to any smooth surface without additional adhesive or tape
- Can be adjusted to the desired position.
- Can be cut to desired shapes and customized.
- The adhesive is washable without losing stickiness.
- Heat and pressure resistant, will not change shape or lose color.
- Durable in most conditions.

Products Features - U Laminator:
- Specially designed for U Film, can also be used with other films
- Safe temperature control technology to prevent blistering and wrinkling during
- Light will indicate that power is on and start-up has completed.
- Simple and fast lamination

Instruction for Use:
1. Wait for 3-5 minutes after the machine is turned on. The green indicator lights up
to show that start-up is complete.
2. Place the photo or document face down over the film and leave a uniform edge
on all sides to seal.
3. Place the photo or document with the film into the laminator’s opening with the
thick side facing down.
4. Wait for 1-2 minutes after the glue is applied for the bonding to cool.
5. Clean the surface of the side you intend to attach to the film.
6. Peel the protective layer off the back of the film.
7. Apply the film to the clean surface. Remove air bubbles while sticking."



- 可貼於光滑表面,無需膠紙或膠水輔助。
- 可任意移動至理想位置。
- 不殘留痕跡。
- 可任意剪裁。
- 可水洗塵埃回復吸附力。
- 耐熱抗壓,不起泡、不變形、不發黃。
- 耐用度高,抗撕扯、抗刮磨、抗髒污。

- 特別為無痕膠膜貼而設的專用熱裱過膠機,亦適用於一般過膠膜。
- 安全控溫技術,防止過膠時溫度過膠導致的起泡、打皺現象。效果美觀。
- 設有指示燈提示電源已開通及預熱工作完成。
- 操作簡單,快速過膠。

1. 過膠機接通電源後等待3-5分鐘,綠色指示燈亮起代表預熱完成。
2. 把相片或文件 (或稱 過膠檔) 放入過膠膜並留出四周均勻的封邊尺寸,厚面朝下。
3. 把過膠膜連同相片或文件(或稱 過膠檔) 放入過膠機的進膜口,厚面朝下。
4. 過膠完畢後等待1-2分鐘至粘結冷卻。
5. 清潔擬貼過膠膜的平面。
6. 撕開過膠膜背面的保護膜。
7. 張貼過膠膜於已清潔平面,一邊貼一邊掃除氣泡。"

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