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School Level :  Kindergarten & Pre-nursery 幼稚園及學前教育, Primary / Elementary / Preparatory School 小學, Secondary / Middle / High School 中學, Higher Education / University 高等教育/大學
Product Category :  Online / e-Learning Resources 網上/電子學習資源, Professional Training / OLE 專業培訓及其他學習經歷, STEM 科學、科技、工程、藝術及數學
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ICanCode® ’s mission is to foster Hong Kong students with knowledge of digital creation and science and technology, providing a spectrum of courses to promote innovative thinking to create success and satisfaction in the era of information technology.


Hot Product 1:


Robo Kit 1 is a beginner course of the Robo Kit series, designed to help students learn the basic
knowledge of assembling robots, as well as principles of electricity and electronic structure, all
in the process of making their first robot.

入門系列可輕鬆造出10款不同的機械人, 配合獨有的全方位STEM Workbook及Rogic Programming 軟件學習電腦

Hot Product 2:


Robo Kids 1 is designed to learn a basic understanding of robotics and build skills through
assembling parts in blocks. Blocks contain special circuits that will help students to create
movement through Card-reader system with funny cards.

可拼砌出15款不同的小小機械人, 教材包括程式學習咭, 輕鬆有趣地學習程式邏輯, 培養對科學的興趣和熱愛! 提升理解力和高階思維

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11 Dec 2019 (Wed)10am - 6pm
12 Dec 2019 (Thu)10am - 6pm
13 Dec 2019 (Fri)10am - 5pm


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