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Address : Rm 1203, 12/F, Peninsula Tower, No. 538 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong., Hong Kong
School Level :  Primary / Elementary / Preparatory School 小學, Secondary / Middle / High School 中學, Special School 特殊學校, Vocational Education 職業教育
Product Category :  Online / e-Learning Resources 網上/電子學習資源, Professional Training / OLE 專業培訓及其他學習經歷, SEN 特殊教育需要
Press Release :  體驗形式 (Feeling) 的教學和培訓方法, 勢將成為現今教育主流 !

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InfoCity's VR System is focus on education & training, providing partners with high-quality graphics and interactive systems. We have won the HKICT Gold Award.

InfoCity 的虛擬實境製作致力於教育和培訓領域, 為合作伙伴提供高質畫面和互動設計系統, 承蒙厚愛, 我們獲頒HKICT金獎殊榮.

2018 ICT Awards
Hot Product 1:

MR / VR Education & Training System MR / VR 教育及培训系统

Composite content . Multi-directional interaction

複合內容 . 多向互動

2019 New Product 新產品
Hot Product 2:

Chinese culture . Interactive games 中華文化 . 互動體驗

Chinese culture has a long history. This time we selected some Chinese festivals, literature, architecture, etc. to interactive games. Let everyone experience Chinese culture.

中華文化歷史悠久, 這次選取了一些中國節日, 文學, 建築等範疇, 以遊戲互動形式, 讓大家體驗一下中華文化的點滴.

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11 Dec 2019 (Wed)10am - 6pm
12 Dec 2019 (Thu)10am - 6pm
13 Dec 2019 (Fri)10am - 5pm


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