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Our Tech/Coding classes and camps are all project-based, which means students are applying computational thinking to each coding skill they learn, and are using the highest level processing skills as identified by the Common Core for true comprehension of the material they are learning to use and apply.

CodesMine 的STEM課程和技術學習營為學生在科技學術方面提供了更深入的基礎,以根據學生進行個性分析並針對性教學。

Hot Product 1:

micro:bit coding blocks micro:bit 編程電子積木

Our Micro:bit coding blocks comes with 10+ sensors and lego blocks, it can construct more than 20 creative projects. From construction to programming, students will both programming skills and creativity.


Hot Product 2:

Codesmine Scratch 3D Creation Kits Codesmine Scratch 立體創作套裝

By using our learning kits with Scratch, students can use sensors, motors to create 3D interactive stories with Scratch. Not only learning programming, but also hardware & IOT.
It is the comprehensive coding learning system where children meet the world of imagination in the real world linking software and hardware.

我們這個嶄新的STEM學習工具, 能夠讓 Scratch 與硬件結合,通過感應器和馬達去創作立體故事。 不僅學習編程,還學習硬件和物聯網。

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