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Address : Unit 307, 3/F., Building 19W, , No.19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
新界沙田科學園科技大道西19號 19W座 3樓307室,香港
School Level :  Kindergarten & Pre-nursery 幼稚園及學前教育, Primary / Elementary / Preparatory School 小學, Secondary / Middle / High School 中學, Special School 特殊學校
Product Category :  Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育, Educational Toys & Games 教育玩具及遊戲, Online / e-Learning Resources 網上/電子學習資源
Press Release :  《旅龜教育》躋身線上線下教育平台行列

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Kazoo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited is a tactile user experience technology company based in Hong Kong Science Park. Our technology allows any real world objects to interact with touchscreens and apps, fast and hassle-free. We believe a technology would only worth our time if it is easy to use!


Hot Product 1:

Touring Turtle : A Chinese Adventure (Set 1 +Set 2) 旅龜中文冒險全集: (家用版 套裝一 + 套裝二)

Touring Turtle - a Chinese Adventure is a Chinese language learning tool that includes: kinesthetic methodology for enhancing character memorization efficiency, authentic Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation and AI-assisted writing stroke sequence exercises. Co-developed with the Education University of Hong Kong, the curriculum follows the HKEDB's Hong Kong Chinese Lexical Lists for Primary Learning.

旅龜中文冒險利用拼圖,筆劃順序及粵語和普通話發音學習中文詞彙。 遊戲與香港教育大學共同開發, 具有300個字符/詞彙。

Hot Product 2:

Cookie Kiddle: A Smart English Learning Cube Cookie Kiddle:智能英語學習方塊

Cookie Kiddle helps children learn new words and pronunciation with engaging game play on an iPad. The way it works is so simple and fun that children unknowingly start picking up new vocabularies without any effort.

Cookie Kiddle 是一個智能英語學習方塊,可讓兒童通過 iPad 上有趣的遊戲模式幫助兒童學習新單詞和拼音。

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8 Dec 2021 (Wed)10am - 6pm
9 Dec 2021 (Thu)10am - 6pm
10 Dec 2021 (Fri)10am - 5pm


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